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First secondments to Japan successfully completed

Prof. Ryuji Kohno and Prof. Jari Iinatti (from the left)
Prof. Ryuji Kohno and Prof. Jari Iinatti (from the left)

Prof. Jari Iinatti, leader of the ROVER consortium, and Adjunct Prof. Matti Hämäläinen from the University of Oulu, Finland were the first ROVER experts to carry out secondments, which were hosted by Prof. Ryuji Kohno in Yokohama National University, Japan.

Their two-week stay that ended in early February 2020, was intense and exceeded expectations, the seconded said. “We worked on a number of research directions within WBAN communications and radio propagation and met with students we will be supervising in the course of the project. We also started the writing process of a joint publication as well as worked on a new joint project proposal for an EU-Japan call,” Iinatti described.

The technical presentation “Introduction to WBAN” that Hämäläinen gave to 10 doctoral and M.Sc. students and faculty members led to in-depth discussions on the utilization and standardization of WBANs. “In the busy schedule, as can be expected in Japan, we also found time to work on a standardization contribution and a prepared our proposal for a ROVER Special Session for ISMICT 2020 on “Body Centric Communications and Localization”, Hämäläinen added. ISMICT 2020 will take place in Nara, Japan on May. The event will offer an excellent opportunity for disseminating the ROVER approach to the global expert community.

Iinatti said that in the area of wireless medical ICT collaboration with Japan offers huge possibilities of co-operation also with companies. “We are highly motivated to work side by side with our Japanese partners which we hope will lead to exciting and even surprising research discoveries, as we already have a long fruitful co-operation”, Iinatti concluded.


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