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UWB Microwave Imaging for Inclusions Detection: Methodology for Comparing Artefact Removal Algorithm

Conference paper published in EAI BODYNETS 2020. Online 21 - 22 Oct 2020

An investigation is presented on Artefact Removal Methods for Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Microwave Imaging. Simulations have been done representing UWB signals transmitted onto a cylindrical head-mimicking phantom containing an inclusion having dielectric properties imitating an haemorrhagic stroke. The ideal image is constructed by applying a Huygens’ Principle based imaging algorithm to the difference between the electric field outside the cylinder with an inclusion and the electric field outside the same cylinder with no inclusion. Eight different artefact removal methods are then applied, with the inclusion positioned at 𝜋 and −𝜋/4 radians, respectively. The ideal image is then used as a reference image to compare the artefact removal methods employing a novel Image Quality Index, calculated using a weighted combination of image quality metrics. The Summed Symmetric Differential method performed very well in our simulations.

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