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User-Cell Association for Security and Energy Efficiency in Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks

Journal article published in MDPI Sensors, 2021


The last decades have been characterized by an exponential increase in digital services. The demand is foreseen to further increase in the next years, and mobile networks will have to mandatorily supply connections to enable digital services with very different requirements, from ultra high speed to ultra low latency. The deployment and the coexistence of cells of different size, from femto to macro, will be one of the key elements for providing such pervasive wireless connection: the ultra dense networks (UDN) paradigm. How to associate users and base stations is one of the most investigated research topics. Many criteria can be drawn, from minimization of power consumption to optimization of throughput. In this paper we propose a new utility to optimize two of the most important features of future mobile connection: security and energy consumption. By using our utility it is possible to jointly select the base station to be activated in a UDN, and associate users to the base stations with the aim of maximizing the secure throughput by spending the minimum energy. Moreover, we propose a heuristic that allows to achieve performance very close to the optimal one with reduced complexity. Effectiveness of the proposed approach is proved by means of comparison with benchmark approaches.

Sensors 2021, 21(2), 508;

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