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Tele-monitoring System for Chronic Diseases Management: Requirements and Architecture

Journal article published in MDPI International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021


In the last years a large variety of eHealth services and Apps for professional medical users have been developed for different scenarios. The increasing elderly population (+100% in 2050) makes urgent to implement tele-medicine paradigm in the healthcare structures. The need of monitoring large number of patients distributed over the territory, together with the lack of medical resources, makes the adoption of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) crucial for the future healthcare services. This paper presents an ICT architecture model for the provision of tele-monitoring services within a novel proposed remote monitoring concept for healthcare, considering the new Family and Community Nurse (FCN). An integrated and personalized tele-monitoring solution is presented, through a detailed description of the reference network architecture and service platform. Moreover, the preliminary results of the experimental activities carried out for the evaluation of the system in terms of usability in operational scenarios are provided.

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