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How 6G Technology Can Change the Future Wireless Healthcare

Conference paper published in 2020 2nd 6G Wireless Summit (6G SUMMIT)

The current implementation of 5G technology has pushed the academic community to think about what is next. To properly answer this question, we have to figure out which will be the needs in the future. This paper deals with the answers to those questions for the health vertical of 6G. The grown and the aging of population worldwide make the current healthcare systems unsustainable in the future. Wireless health has to be implemented to let all citizens be followed and managed in the health process of their life by pursuing an economically viable way for the community. 6G is envisioned to be a technology which will not only make the wireless healthcare true, but it also will allow the Internet of Bio-Nano-Things, letting the human body be part of the “Net”. Very low complex wearable/implantable devices will be part of our everyday life, which can recover information about our health and lifestyle from every object we interact with, from a bottle of water to a smart drug.

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