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ELAROS wins Medipex NHS Innovation Award 2021

The winners of 14th NHS Innovation Awards were announced in an online event on 22 September. ROVER SME ELAROS 24/7 Ltd. - specialised in health management - won the award in the category Management of Long Term Conditions.

The awarded system COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation Scale C19-YRS is a digital assessment and monitoring tool which helps healthcare providers to remotely manage individuals with persistent COVID symptoms. ELAROS co-developed the tool with colleagues at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Leeds Community Healthcare Trust, University of Leeds.

"ELAROS is delighted to have picked up the award on behalf of the wider partnership on our joint work to develop a clinical platform and app for the initial assessment, triaging, management and monitoring of patients with Long COVID," says Dr. Paul O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer at ELAROS Ltd. "The system is the world's first clinically validated system and the expertise in developing the system has been fed into the World Health Organisation's recent guidance. ELAROS looks forward to working with our clinical partners in the ROVER project to bring other globally impactful technologies forward over the life span of the project."

Example of a radar plot in C19-YRS


The app C19-YRS helps clinicians to capture symptoms and guide rehabilitation interventions for patients and provides access to updates from world-leading long COVID researchers. Focusing on digitally enhanced integrated care, the system also creates a clear clinical audit trail supporting long-term capture and analysis.

For patients, the app provides digitally enhanced personalised care. The patient can complete information anywhere, any time, either alone or together with a carer or a HCP via telephone, thus making remote patient monitoring flexible and sustainable.

Furthermore, a research version of the platform enables large scale remote data collection. The platform supports clinics in conducting internal service evaluation and speeds up the development of robust psychometric assessment of long COVID.


A localised version of the Long COVID Clinical Platform and Patient-Facing App is available for hospitals and clinics across the world.

For more information, please contact ELAROS Ltd.


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