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ROVER "Reliable technOlogies and models for VERified wireless

body-centric transmission and localisation"

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) project

Call: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019


​Global variations in healthcare funding, a growing, ageing demographic, explosions in the availability of health and digital data and new digital technologies are all converging to transform healthcare.

Cross-sector breakthroughs and expertise are pivotal to transforming business models, push advancements to the forefronts of patient care for better health, outcomes and value for the consumer and our overall healthcare systems. In this context, strong synergy between academia and industry is essential if the technologies and expertise required to drive such transformations are to exist and have impact.

With a shift towards distributed care, medical interventions and monitoring will be increasingly realised through home or local care/recovery environments along with remote access to specialist care units, improving diagnostics, earlier interventions and success outcomes.

Moreover, with technological developments, security requirements and the vast operational complexity of non-intrusive technologies, game-changing, yet implementable innovations are needed.

ROVER unites a highly skilled and motivated multidisciplinary team of developing researchers, innovators and internationally recognized experts from academia and business entities to tackle global challenges and support national and international efforts in the optimisation of wireless applications for healthcare by ensuring beyond state of the art innovations and promoting excellence research and product development through training and mentoring future researchers in the pivotal skillsets required for healthcare step changes.

Our overarching aim is to advance knowledge in the area of intelligent wireless networks for medical ICT applications by creating new algorithms and non-invasive validated system prototypes for in-on-, on-on and on-off-body communications. These will assist, automate and classify patients’ diagnostics and monitoring processes, minimizing, if not negating, subjective assessment as well as manual intervention of caregivers.


ROVER also ensures proactive knowledge transfer and best practices worldwide with the effective mobility and training activities of researchers and staff. Three crucial technical areas will be investigated: a) diagnostics and monitoring, b) data transfer and security and c) medical advisory interaction procedures through signal processing and machine learning.


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