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UBT SRL receives European Enterprise Network Award 2021 for inspiring client journey

Dr. Gianluigi Tiberi

ROVER project partner UBT SRL - Umbria Bioengineering Technologies - is one of the three winners of the European Enterprise Network (ENN) Award 2021. The awards were announced by the European Commission, the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) at the ENN’s annual conference on 1 October in Stuttgart, Germany.

According to the award announcement, UBT SRL’s inspiring client journey has led to significant internationalisation and growth. The local member organisation of the ENN in the Umbria region of Italy has guided UBT along the journey “from their first steps six years ago, on how to access regional and European programmes’ grants, prepare business plans and win pitches for entering the market”.

UBT SRL develops and commercialises innovative medical imaging devices based on cutting-edge microwave technology instead of dangerous ionizing radiation. The company’s innovation of an X-Ray-free mammogram MammoWave is now undergoing international clinical trials in prestigious Italian, Spanish and German hospitals supported by European Union funding.


"Focusing on persons' well-being, MammoWave uses non-ionizing microwave radiofrequency signals to perform imaging (free from X-rays)," says Dr. Gianluigi Tiberi, Head of R&D, inventor and co-founder at UBT SRL. "MammoWave has clinically validated high sensitivity and specificity, regardless of tissue density. Performance is enhanced through AI. We hope that, in the near future, MammoWave could be used in the entire asymptomatic population, without any safety restriction such as age or frequency of use. MammoWave is the perfect solution for a more inclusive screening, assisting in reducing the risk of missing lesions."


Gianluigi Tiberi graduated in Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Pisa with a Master at King’s College (UK), Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Pisa, Post Ph.D. at University of Oxford through a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowships for Career Development, Seventh Research Framework Programme. Gianluigi matured a solid experience in the applied electromagnetics and microwave imaging for medical application (he is also the coordinator the Radio Frequency laboratory of Imago7 Foundation, Pisa). He has authored more than 80 journal and conference papers and he is researcher at the Centre for BioEngineering, London South Bank University, UK. He is the scientist who studied the theory of MammoWave technology disseminated via numerous international conferences and scientific papers. He is the inventor of the patented microwave apparatus (Apparatus for testing the integrity of mammary tissues) and founder of UBT-Umbria Bioengineering Technologies.


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